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The Triad Group

As your home ages your windows and doors become less energy efficient. Homeowners with windows and doors over 25 years old should consider replacement to gain the best energy efficiencies and to protect the envelope of your home.

To maximize your insurance discount you must protect all of your openings from wind and wind borne debris. This can be accomplished by replacing all of your windows, doors (including your garage door), and skylights with impact resistant products or a combination of non impact resistance and storm shutters or hurricane panels. At Triad we can offer the replacement window and door system that will meet your needs and your budget.


What makes our window and door installations unique and superior to our competition is our “NEW CONSTRUCTION” installation.

Most window and door companies retrofit new windows by cutting the old window out of the opening and replacing it with a smaller window to fit in the new hole. This will NOT meet the manufacturer's specifications for installation and will most likely not stand up during a storm.

Triad will completely remove your old window and replace it with a new window of the exact same size; we will follow the manufacturer's engineered installation procedures and use the specified fasteners so your new windows will be as secure and sturdy as they were designed to be.


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  • They do a "retrofit" installation
  • They order your windows smaller in height and width than your windows
  • They don't chip out stucco, because the new window is smaller -- they slide it by the drywall/stucco
  • They ordered your new windows too small for the opening -- they cannot be properly installed to meet engineered testing
  • The new windows will not fit properly on the buck because your new windows are smaller than your old windows
  • They use tap cons and caulking to secure your new windows -- they will not rest properly on the bucks because the new windows are too small
  • They will caulk your windows in -- this installation method does not meet the engineered testing


  • We do a "NEW CONSTRUCTION" installation
  • We install windows "SIZE FOR SIZE", the same size as your old windows
  • We chip out stucco so your SIZE FOR SIZE windows can be installed in the existing openings
  • We install SIZE FOR SIZE windows to the existing bucks as per engineered testing
  • The flange of your new window will rest properly on the buck because your new windows are the SAME SIZE as your old windows
  • We use the proper fasteners and install as per the manufacturer's requirements to meet the engineered testing
  • We re-stucco the jamb to the lip of the window flange and touch up paint just like NEW CONSTRUCTION and meeting all of the engineered testing


Make sure when contracting for new windows that you get the proper installation!


Why spend all that money on new windows and not have them properly installed?
Invest the money to have your installation done right to insure maximum protection.