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Custom Paint SwatchesINVEST IN YOUR HOME

There may not be a more important investment to make in your home than a “Top Quality” paint job. Florida’s climate is harsh; sun, driving rain, humidity. All of these factors are what make it so important to properly protect your home. Our professional painting staff has years of experience with systems that work in our climate. Painting is a huge investment and not something you want to have to do often. With Triad you will be choosing a painter with the proper experience in materials and paint systems to do your home right the first time.


With a “Top Quality” paint job by the professional painters at Triad much of your investment will be spent in the proper preparation of your home before one stroke of the paint brush. Proper cleaning, caulking, sealing and sanding must be done before the prime and finish coats are applied to insure you get years of protection out of your investment. At Triad it is this attention to detail that makes our paint jobs last and last.


Since most of the cost of a paint job is in the labor, it is well worth the extra dollars to purchase premium level products. At Triad we use a variety of “premium” materials to insure we get the maximum life out of every job we do. You will have an unlimited number of colors to choose from, if you can’t find it on a color chip we can have a custom match done.


Application techniques are more than just rolling it on the walls. At Triad our pros are experienced in technique and have the proper tools and supplies to get the job done right with the least amount of mess and disruption.


The interior trim details in a home make it unique. We specialize in “furniture finish” woodwork. This is a multi step process that involves multiple sanding runs, priming, and finish coating with the proper materials. Furniture finish on interior wood trim can set it apart and make it stand out. When you invest in custom wood trim details for your home don’t stop short, be sure to complete the project with the proper finishing system for maximum impact.