Cape Coral

Cape Coral boat in canal

Situated across the river from Ft. Myers, the City of Cape Coral takes pride in being the largest waterfront city in Lee County. From its humble beginnings as a collection of cattle ranches, fishing villages, and vacant land, the city evolved in the 1950s, thanks to the vision of the Rosen Brothers who named it Cape Coral. Embracing over 400 miles of canals and bordering the Caloosahatchee River, Cape Coral is synonymous with waterfront living, offering abundant opportunities for boating, sailing, fishing, and various water activities. The city also provides top-notch shopping, dining, and cultural experiences. As the largest city in Southwest Florida and the fifth largest in the state, Cape Coral spans 114 square miles of land. Boasting golf courses, tennis courts, boat ramps, athletic parks, natural preserves, and more, the quality of life here is unparalleled.

With a plethora of amenities including parks, recreation, shopping, dining, theater, art, sports, clubs, and environmental activities, Cape Coral caters to individuals of all ages. The city remains a safe community, thanks to a proactive police and fire department working collaboratively with the residents. The Triad Group is prepared to assist you in finding the perfect spot to turn your vision into your new Dream Home, including custom remodels.

According to Gulfshore Business, Cape Coral was ranked third on Forbes’ Best Places to Live in Florida in 2023 list. The criteria for ranking various state metropolitan areas used data from several platforms to measure home affordability, healthy employment, and population growth. Checking in behind top-ranked Tampa, Jacksonville, and Gainesville, Cape Coral has a population of more than 204,000 and a median home price of $479,000, while residents have a median income of $61,780. This recognition further solidifies Cape Coral’s standing as a desirable location for residents seeking a high quality of life in the Sunshine State.